The iPad, HTC Evo and Samsung Epic are moving technology quickly into the futuristic realm we used to see only in movies.  The portable all in one computing device is both accessible and affordable now, so do we really need all this power at our fingertips?

Well, it depends on what your business and hobby needs are.  For instance, if you are hooked to specific TV shows but find yourself always away from home, the Epic is a great alternative to DVR.  If you are a reading buff (me), the iPad and Evo both have text reader features and large screens.

But if you need near full computing power in a small device, choose the iPad.

Whichever you choose, you will multi-task like never before.  BUT, build in a second battery in the price of the Evo or Epic.  These are serious power eaters.  So is the iPad, but Apple does not allow user level access to their batteries.

With so many great choices, I may have to buy more than one!