Borders logoOk, Techsnoop is officially in mourning.  Borders is closing.  All stores, everywhere.

Yes, I’m a tech-junkie, but I also love to read good books.  I read hardcover, paperback and eBooks.  I even have Audible books from  There is no bad place and time for a good book.  Now, my favorite browse and discover place is going away and there is nothing to replace it.  There is nothing quite like the experience of picking out 2 or 3 dozen books and sitting with a frozen coffee to decide which lucky few will be going home with you.  Technology aside, there is a thrill of hefting a volume and flipping pages that can’t be denied.

Now all that is gone and I am left with online buying only.  I am not ready to give up on my real world books.  I want to highlight and bookmark pages and hold a book in my hands.  eBooks are for portability, real books are for serious bookworms.

The only bright spot downriver is Another Look Books, a super friendly haven of gently used books.

Borders, we hardly knew ya.  Happy trails.

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