Today’s Example of Social Media Gone Wild;

Did some “reporter” actually reveal a “Secret Drone Base” and list the locations on the Internet?

Yes, our safety and the war on pirates and terrorism is being lost due to loose lips (or fingertips).  What is the point of the military doing their jobs and trying to protect us if yo-yos keep revealing all the plans and weapons so that the enemies can prepare for them or send some suicide idiot in to destroy the equipment?

This story did not reveal a scandal or misuse of public funds.  It does not tell of anyone being mistreated or abused.  No animals were tested on or injured.  This is a simple story of the military and government doing their JOB for once, and should have been kept under wraps with the location redacted.  But NO, some hot shot wannabe and their editor deemed this story worthy of being a “scoop” and therefore endangered lives all over the good ol’ US of A.  There is a reason some documents and communiques are classified, thank you.

A better point of view would be to talk about the technology aspect of the drones and the amount of jobs building of the drones created, not reveal their uses or launching and storage locations.

Next time you hear of someone being kidnapped on the open ocean or killed by terrorist bombs, please thank JoAnn Allen, her editor and all like them for rampant, irresponsible reporting.

I’m just saying.

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