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Galaxy Note 8 Concept

Galaxy Note 8 Concept

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is far and away the best phone Techsnoop has ever owned. But it is now getting a bit dated and tired. Unfortunately, Samsung released the Note 5 with out the expandable storage and the Note 7 was a fire hazard.

But the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are both huge hits and the ‘infinity’ display is a compromise between the edge display and usable screen real estate. So now we wait for these same specs to be bumped up for the flagship phone, the Note 8. Rumours of 6GB of RAM are enough to make a tech geek drool.

Smartphones are a central part of our lives now with the ability to locate and start your car, lock and unlock your home door and control smart home devices. In addition, apps like Samsung Health help you keep track of fitness and dietary goals to improve your health, eliminating the need for additional devices. And importantly for Techsnoop, there are great productivity apps for web design and business.

In his final post, Walt Mossberg states that technology will soon become ‘ambient’ or just a part of the everyday objects we use. The combination of artificial intelligence / machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics and drones, smart homes, self-driving cars, and digital health / wearables (Walt Mossberg, the Verge) will make the computer an invisible butler in accomplishing our tasks.

So it only makes sense that smartphones will continue to be an important link between other computing devices and our interface. Making a power house phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 a true value.

Are you waiting on the Note 8 or did you take the S8 plunge? Let us know in the comments.

A Geek Princess Tale

Once upon a time there was a happy girl geek with a smartphone and laptop. Soon, more powerful apps and high resolution graphics overloaded her outdated tech.

Our girl geek went out into the wilds of the web to see what she could find to update. Long she searched for the perfect multi-tasking gadget. It needed a beast of a camera, gigs of RAM and long battery power. And of course, it must be Android OS. But she couldn’t find this dream machine anywhere.

Samsung Note 4

Photo: CNET

Enter Samsung Note 4

Then along came the shining prince Samsung with the shiniest new gadget of all; the Note 4. Packing a large 5.7 inch Quad HD AMOLED screen, 16 mega pixel camera, 3GB of RAM, 32 GB of storage upgradable to 96GB (with 64GB SD card) and the ability to operate multiple apps at once with split-screen or hover windows, puts the Note 4 at the top of the mountain. And, whoa, the 2.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor is faster than her laptop (I sense another upgrade soon). The Note 4 will ship with Android 4.4 KitKat (the princesses’ favorite candy).

Our geek princess was torn, she loved her HTC, but lately it had been letting her down. Once the king of innovation with large screens and awesome cameras, the king had been dethroned. With a heavy heart, the geek princess made preparations to say goodbye to her EVO 4G LTE. Come October, the Note 4 romance will begin. Shall it be gold or pink?

To Be Continued…

Ok, admit it.  You are addicted to Angry Birds.  Whenever you have a free minute, or even under your desk at work, you’re not texting, you’re shooting birds at pigs with a slingshot.  You compete with friends and family to see who can get to the upper levels first and who has the high score.

I’m with you.  Yes, I resisted at first, thinking “shoot birds at pigs, really, I have better things to do”.  Turns out, I don’t.  And neither do millions of other people.  Angry Birds is a bona fide cultural hit across nations, languages and now possibly, planets.

Rovio has taken a simple game and made physics addicts out of over 700 million people.  And you thought physics didn’t have real life uses.

small businessEntrepreneurship is a great way to increase lifestyle flexibility, stabilize or supplement your income or just change careers.  There are many ways to get started in your own business and it is best to try a home based business or a cubicle rental if you are short of start up funds.

Be ready to work long hours to get started so prepare some frozen meals ahead of time so you won’t waste money on fast food or get run down from eating junk food.  If you are choosing a field where you have little experience but lots of interest, go back to school first.  A one or two year certificate program and an internship can gain you experience, credentials and contacts.

Networking is key in starting a business.  New businesses will have a small marketing budget so key in on trade shows and other events where you can hand out materials face to face.  People will be more likely to utilize a new business from someone they have met and liked.  Use Social Media.  Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can all be great free marketing essentials.  If you don’t understand how to use them, network with those who can show you.

Here are some top business markets for up and coming entrepreneurs.  Some may offer franchise opportunities if you have some money to invest.  Only put your money into well investigated franchises.  Also, make sure your market area is not saturated with this particular business type.

Finally, get ready to succeed.  This is harder than it seems.  Many business owners don’t know what to do when the money starts rolling in.  Have a reinvestment plan, a growth structure and, if you plan to retire from this business, a sell out or phase out plan so that you don’t leave your loyal customers high and dry.

2012 The Year of #SmallBusiness

Borders logoOk, Techsnoop is officially in mourning.  Borders is closing.  All stores, everywhere.

Yes, I’m a tech-junkie, but I also love to read good books.  I read hardcover, paperback and eBooks.  I even have Audible books from  There is no bad place and time for a good book.  Now, my favorite browse and discover place is going away and there is nothing to replace it.  There is nothing quite like the experience of picking out 2 or 3 dozen books and sitting with a frozen coffee to decide which lucky few will be going home with you.  Technology aside, there is a thrill of hefting a volume and flipping pages that can’t be denied.

Now all that is gone and I am left with online buying only.  I am not ready to give up on my real world books.  I want to highlight and bookmark pages and hold a book in my hands.  eBooks are for portability, real books are for serious bookworms.

The only bright spot downriver is Another Look Books, a super friendly haven of gently used books.

Borders, we hardly knew ya.  Happy trails.

When it comes to gadgets, no one wants overpriced or outdated.  Check out this site for some tips on what to buy this holiday season for yourself, or gifts.

Another hot tip is that both iPhone and Android market have some new apps for cell phone cameras that may make your phone camera your new best friend.

Happy Shopping

When the idea of paperless books got serious, it seemed a good direction to go in.  They were a bit utilitarian and not really good looking but functional.  But now, all the bells and whistles have arrived with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, web browsing, music and other features being added in.

Personally, I just want a large, clear screen with color capability to see properly rendered images.  But all things being equal, the ability to throw 100+ books in a bag or pocket and go is irresistable.  Like all gadgets, I will research them carefully weighing cost vs. necessary features.  Stop back soon for feedback on specific models.

Technology covers a broad range of topics, but it is important because no one is untouched by technology. Everyday we use things that were at one time new from running water to the TV remote.
The most important aspects of technology are size and power. To be useful, gadgets must be economical to use. A cell phone that needs charging every hour is useless. A laptop that can only be carried with a cart is not really portable.
I have learned many things in the past 6 weeks of snooping through technology and the most important is; RESEARCH. From social networking to cell phone use, know what you are getting. Technology is a useful tool, but like any tool, it can be dangerous in the hands of the untrained. Thanks for following me and I’ll be back soon with more helpful information.