SM starfieldSocial Media.  Two terrifying words in the new world order.  Social media has turned our entire lives into the cliquesque nightmare of high school.  Which site is the coolest, which groups are the most popular, how do I look, what do I wear, where do I hang out?  All of these questions have become an underlying theme in daily ventures onto the internet.  What was once a fun, casual activity has become a me-centered, ego-centric free for all with the resulting fall out.

I love all my “friends” but really, a play by play of toenail clipping is just too much information.  Updates of your life should be significant moments, important events and requests for help or prayers.  Details of each minutiae of everyone’s life becomes information overload on a ginormous scale.  Just as your junk closet becomes so packed that it is impossible to find what you need when you need it, information overload does the same to our brains.

Retrieval of important information becomes increasingly difficult until you find yourself standing at the front door with mismatched shoes wondering where you were heading out to.

Unfortunately, unplugging is not an option in today’s world.  For families separated by distance and businesses trying to access diverse markets, it is necessary to have a social media presence.  The target is to utilize the benefits of social media without reaping the overload.  This involves ruthless shaving of your friend groups or circles and rigid application of privacy settings.  Nothing less will allow you the balanced use of this important tool without the baggage.

Happy surfing.