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So Mobilegeddon has arrived and you are not ready.

What is a small business owner to do? First, call a web designer now. Not next week, now. DKemp Designs offers free 15 minute phone consultations to any business owner on all types of technology solutions. Next, make a list of business goals that can be met with technology and prioritize according to importance.

Customers should be able to:

Locate you
Call you
See hours
Know what type of business you offer

All on the home page of your mobile site. If any of these are missing, you need an immediate makeover.

If your business does not have a mobile ready website yet, here are some facts on future mobile usage from DR4WARD to get you going.

mobile data usage by 2020


mobile sitesSince mobile browsing is at an all time high and increasing each day, it’s high time you made your site mobile friendly.  If you are a small business on a budget, you can still have a mobile version of your website up and running in a few easy steps.

First up; Duda Mobile.  It just doesn’t get any easier than using Duda Mobile.  A few simple clicks and you have a mobile site.  The drawback is limited ability to optimize the site and no access to the actual code.  But, it is simple, fast and FREE.  So no complaints.

The following have not been tested by me but are worth exploring; Mobeezo, mobiSiteGalore, Zinadoo, onbile, WixMobile,and of course, Google has a free mobile site builder (they have everything don’t they).

I must add that some of these create a mobile version of your existing site, but others require you to choose their template and re-create a version of your site.  The best solution is up to you, but Duda Mobile syncs with your existing site so that your content is always updated.

Since they’re free, you can try them all and see which suits your business best.

Now you have no excuses to not be Productive in 2012!