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Hey, designers.  Ever had a great 2D photo you wished you could make a movie clip with?  Didn’t want to be stuck with a flat, boring slideshow?

Well Techsnoop has the answer to your problem with this great tutorial from JSWoodhams.  Thanks for the great video showing how to achieve this effect with Photoshop and After Effects.

So, break out the Coke or coffee and pay attention!  Oh, and please let us know if you want more of these tutorials to be posted in the comments.  Have a great week.

There has been lots of buzz about the new Adobe releases, so Techsnoop will be presenting overviews and reviews of the most important features so you can decide if its time to upgrade.

This feature will become a favorite of everyone; editing video (camera phone anyone?) with Photoshop.

If editing hair in Photoshop gives you fits, take a look at this use of the refine edge tool.  Many thanks to LordReserei01 for the help.

Take a little time this weekend to work on your craft and also view the Supermoon and meteor shower.

Happy Designing!

toolsTechsnoop found a couple of great tools for designers, developers and other freelancers.

The first is Trello, a collaboration tool that works like a social network tool and bulletin board all in one.  Features include the ability to clip pictures and video into the app as well as assign tasks to team members.  And the most important feature of all is that Trello is FREE.  That’s right, a really useful collaboration tool that is free. Trello works on all platforms and tablets and smartphones without any downloads.  Sign up today.

And if you need some inspiration for creativity, try a couple of these free Photoshop brushes courtesy of Smashing Magazine.