Techsnoop Girls Want to HackGirl Scouts will now offer badges in cybersecurity according to Gizmodo. This is GREAT news for Techsnoop who has a 5-year-old female relative in Daisy with a strong interest in science. The Girls Scouts had the radical idea of asking girls what they wanted to learn. Surprisingly, girls want to learn cybersecurity and they want to join hackathons. Take note school districts across America; girls want to hack. They are interested in science, computers and robotics. And if they are struggling in math, it is the fault of the schools, not the girls.

“We surveyed a lot of girls,” Girl Scouts CEO Sylvia Acevedo told Gizmodo. “In those evaluations, girls repeatedly said they wanted more computer science and they were really interested in cybersecurity in terms of protecting themselves online. Bullying is a big issue. Also figuring out hackathons, they wanted to do that as well. (via Gizmodo)”

So, step up teachers across the country. Wearing pink and purple and glitter does not mean a lack of interest in science, technology, engineering and mathmatics. Rather, it means girls want to look good while putting the cyber smack down on cyber criminals. The differening perspectives of women in tech can unlock critical issues in self-driving cars, AI and ecommerce. Time to leverage this huge resource in the STEM industries.


Watch out Silicon Valley, this new army of cheeta prints and glam wardrobes are coming to a computer near you.